CAM Directory

Your essential product and service sourcing guide

Every year we publish the CAM Directory, an essential product sourcing guide, listing thousands of products and hundreds of companies.


It’s a premier source of information for professional CAM practitioners to source the products they recommend to clients and the equipment and services they need to run a successful practice.

If you’re a manufacturer and want to be included in the next edition, please email or telephone 01279 816300.

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  • Sourced the product they were looking for in the CAM Directory 98%
  • Refer to the CAM Directory at least once a month 95%

“It’s always handy to have all the products and companies in one place.”

Hazel Cook

CAM Practitioner

“The CAM Directory is perfect when I need to source a specific product for a client.”

Sheila Sheppard

CAM Practitioner

“It’s a very good product sourcing guide.”

Fiona Lennon

CAM Practitioner

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